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1KW Solar System for 2-3BHK with 9-11Hrs Back up


  • Monocrystalline panel gives high efficiency rate, typically in the range of 15-20%

  • LiFePo4 Battery has longer life cycle then tubular battery, it has deep discharge and more safer then other batteries. 

  • Invertor supports maximum power up to 1800 Wp

Package Includes:

  • 375W Loom Solar Panel (3 Pcs)

  • 24V 150AH LiFePo4 Battery

  • Microtech Inverter

  • 15meter 6mm DC cable

  • Panel Stand

  • Mc4 connectors


  • Panel performance  Warranty up to 25 years

  • LiFePo4 Battery covers 5 years warranty

  • Microtech Inverter 2 years warranty

Backup time:

Load                    1000w                500W                400w               300w                200w    


Duration            3hrs 30mins       7hrs 30mins         9hrs 30mins     11hrs 30mins         19hrs

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