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  • Display Colour: Blue
  • Resolution : 128×64 pixels
  • Driver IC: SSD1306
  • Fully Compatible with Arduino, ESP, RASPERRY PI and more
  • Working temperature: -30°C ~ 70°C

OLED Display 0.96 inch

  • ◉ This is a 0.96 inch blue OLED display module. The display module can be interfaced with any microcontroller using SPI/IIC protocols. It is having a resolution of 128×64. The package includes a display board, display, 4 pin male header pre-soldered to board.

    ◉ OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a self-light-emitting technology composed of a thin, multi-layered organic film placed between an anode and cathode. In contrast to LCD technology, OLED does not require a backlight. OLED possesses high application potential for virtually all types of displays and is regarded as the ultimate technology for the next generation of flat-panel displays.

    ◉ OLEDs basic structure consists of organic materials positioned between the cathode and the anode, which is composed of electric conductive transparent Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The organic materials compose a multi-layered thin film, which includes the Hole Transporting Layer (HTL), Emission Layer (EML) and the Electron Transporting Layer (ETL). By applying the appropriate electric voltage, holes and electrons are injected into the EML from the anode and the cathode, respectively. The holes and electrons combine inside the EML to form excitons, after which electroluminescence occurs. The transfer material, emission layer material, and choice of electrode are the key factors that determine the quality of OLED components.

  • GND (power ground)

    VCC (positive power supply)

    SCL (clock line)

    SDA (data line)

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