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Basics of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi is mini computer, it has many ports to connect the peripheral devices like monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. It has separate operating system called raspbian. Two kinds of programming languages are in-built in raspbian. They are python and scratch. In raspberry pi board we need to insert SD card, it act as hard disk of a computer.

Lets See How to Connect Raspberry pi

1. Connect pi directly to the monitor from micro HDMI port to VGA or USB port.

2. We can also connect with smart TV through the same above method.

3. We can also connect pi with our smart phones by wireless.

4. We can also connect our pi to laptop by using Ethernet cable.

Note: Before connecting raspberry pi, you need to install raspberry pi OS in the SD card and put in the memory card slot. (Smart phone connection)

Purpose Of Raspberry Pi

  • Use raspberry pi as a desktop or PC for general purpose.

  • We can use pi to make our home automation.

  • We can make a robot with raspberry pi 4, because it gives high processing speed compared with previous version.

  • We can also connect pi camera with raspberry pi board and use it for monitoring purpose.

  • Use raspberry pi as retro gaming machine.

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