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Power Consumption Of Household Appliances

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In this blog, we will see the wattage of day to day household appliances. This will help you to understand your electricity power consumption and decide how much solar panel is needed for off-grid System and also give clarity on how much it will cost.

Typical Wattage of Home Appliances :

How to calculate Off-Grid Solar System Requirement:

Lets assume a typical room having 2 tube lights and 1 celling fan, will require below wattage per hour

E.g.: 2 x LED tube lights + 1 x celling fan

2 x 35W + 1 x 75W

70W + 75W

Total watts per hour required = 145W

Suppose, if we need the appliances to run for 8hrs,

Total watts required = 8hrs x 145W = 1160W.

Now the solar system requirement for above scenario is as below:

Considering India's climate on sunny day will give you 6Hrs of sun light

Solar panel required = Total Watts required / Minimum sunlight hrs

= 1160W / 6hrs = 193W (Loom solar 190W, 12V panel is recommended. Price: Rs.8500)

Lithium battery required = Total Watts required / Solar panel Volt= 1160W / 12V = 96Ah. (100AH, 12V Lithium battery recommended. Price: Rs.18500)

Inverter required = Total appliances consumption power(Watt) / Power factor constant (0.8) = 145W / 0.8 = 182W (Microtek 1235 Inverter recommended. Price: Rs.6000)

Total Cost Rs.33000

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