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Welcome to Ruvi Labs

Welcome to Ruvi Labs,  We are an ambitious research-based startup with primary focus on automating farming using innovative robotics to tackle day to day agricultural activities. We are also focusing on industrial robotics to help industries achieve difficult tasks that cannot be performed or dangerous to humans. In parallel we also support embedded systems and information technology to sharpen our skills at par.

Agricultural Robot For Seeding & Weeding plants

We are happy to introduce our first agricultural robot which can do different farming activities like seeding, weeding, etc., Currently the rover is at the design stage and it can be controlled via remote controller to move forward, backward, and rotate. We are working on to make the rover move autonomously without Manual control.

Image by American Public Power Associati

Solar Pack for Home

Our New Consulting & Service for Solar Panels

solar banner fine.jpg


Our Current Research is on

  • Seeding  & Weeding Robot

  • Agricultural Drones

  • Surveillance Drones 

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