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Face Recognition using Deep Learning

This project talks about how the human face can be detected and recognized by the computer. For this we can use Python, OpenCV and Deep Learning Concepts.

Software and Hardware

  1. Raspberry pi 4 with pi camera

  2. Raspbian buster OS

  3. OpenCV

  4. Python

Software Installation

Steps involved

To complete this project we need to work on three phases,

1. Detecting Face and Gathering Data

2. Train the Recognizer

3. Face Recognition.

Detail of each step:

1. Detecting Face and Gathering Data

We can use Pi Camera to Detect the face and Gather the face data. Here the color picture is converted to a grey scale picture then the OpenCV program will crop the face separately. This face data is sent to the trainer program.

2. Train the Recognizer

The trainer program will take all the images in folder and converted to grey scale then cropped the face and store it in array.

3. Face Recognition

The cropped face from step1 is used in the trainer program to match with the previously captured pictures which are stored in an array in step2.Once the match is found it will display the respective name of the person.

The above mention Face Recognition Concept can be used to automate the attendance of an Organization. This can also be used by crime department in identifying culprits among the group.

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