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Sense and Spray Robot

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

This is one of the trail project to understand the basics of robotics. The function of the robot is to avoid obstacles then detect various colors and spray water on predefined color (White). This robot is made by using Arduino as a controller of all the devices connected to it.

The components used in this project are:

  1. Arduino mega

  2. DC motors

  3. Driver IC L293d

  4. Ultrasonic sensor

  5. Color sensor

  6. Servo motor

  7. Jumper Wires

Circuit diagram:

In the above circuit diagram Driver IC is used to control two motors, it can move forward, backward, right and left. Then the ultrasonic sensor is used for detecting the obstacle in front of the rover and the color sensor is used for measuring the various values of color. We can define certain color values in the program, if the color sensor matches that value then the servo motor gets triggered. The servo motor pushes the spray button to spray the water on the identified color. We can also use a small water pumping motor instead of servo motor.

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